ALL SALES start with a signed agreement  by Seller and Buyer! 


Deposits are 400.00 to 1000.00 dollars depending on the cost of the puppy and may be up to half of the price of the puppy you are purchasing (only amount of $400.00 will be excepted by Pay Pal).The balance of your puppy must be paid in full at the time of pick up or 10 days before puppy's delivery will be scheduled. No checks are excepted at pick up.

Your deposit is NON REFUNDABLE and NON TRANSFERABLE for any reason other than if my vet feels the puppy is not healthy enough to be placed.

HEALTH GUARANTEE on life threatening genetic defects.

My puppies are leaving ONLY after health exam by our veterinarian ,"Town Center animal hospital" 702-262-1300  after 8 weeks .

Keep our puppy  safe from Injuries, are as follows: 

1.Cranial Cruciate Ligament Rupture which occurs suddenly from traumatic injury (This ligament holds the upper leg bone (Femur) to the lower leg bone (Tibia).

2.Patella Fracture which usually occurs due to a direct blow to the knee cap.

3.Patella Tendon rupture which can be caused by stepping wrong up to steps or down stairs ect.

4.Collateral Ligament injury.

I do not warranty Patella Luxation if caused by injury.

  • Per Agreement of the seller and buyer the puppy will be raised within the home and not in a kennel.
  • Seller does not warrant against the following:
  • Backward Sneezing-This is a common element in a Chihuahua when they get excited, and has not been found to impose a health risk but can get your attention, generally there is no need for alarm.
  • Coccidia/Giardia- Many Puppies/Dogs are prone to outbreak of either Coccidia and or Giardia under stressful circumstances. The symptoms can arise in a twelve hour period and cannot always be prevented by the Seller, because there are no signs until the puppy/dog is stressed and the immune system drops. The buyer should take the puppy/dog to their vet immediately if the puppy develops unusual stools, begins vomiting or has loss of appetite.
  • Molera- It is acceptable for the Chihuahua to have a molera, and should not be considered a flaw (you can find supporting information on the Chihuahua club of America Website and the AKC Website).
  • My puppies never diagnosed with Hypoglycemia, but the buyer has to make sure puppy receive the food 3-4 times a day, agreement has to be singed, If will be confirmed Hypoglycemia on buyer hands, under no condition is the Seller responsible for the loss or death due to hypoglycemia. Seller is not responsible for any vet costs once the puppy is in the Buyers possession.
  • When young puppy is being placed as a show/breeding prospect, and is being sold with Full AKC Registration, The puppy has been evaluated by the seller to be show/breeding prospect, this does not in any way guarantee you a show or breeding dog.
  • Buyer understands and agrees that any puppy purchased with Full AKC registration must have " Vegas" as the prefix to their AKC registered name (this choice is up to the seller's discretion).
  •  (When a puppy is being placed as a SHOW puppy and not show POTENTIAL it must be at least 6 months of age to be placed as a SHOW puppy, otherwise it is show potential.) 
  • There is no guarantee on SIZE, COLOR, COAT, AND/OR BREEDING ABILITY OF THIS PUPPY. When SHOW puppies are purchased at the full show price and not a reduced pet price the seller guarantees breeding ability only after 6 months.
  • Buyer warrants that he/she will not knowingly offer this puppy or any of its offspring to brokers, pet shops, puppy mills ,If buyer is found to be selling the puppies in such a way compensation for damages will be sought by the seller. Buyer agrees to incur a $1,000 penalty for each puppy found to be sold this way. If the buyer ever needs to find the puppy a new home buyer will contact the seller for first right of refusal. Under no circumstances will this puppy be surrendered to a shelter or put to sleep without first consulting with the seller. To ship or for us to pick the puppy up will be at the buyer's expense.
  • Any offspring with our Chihuahuas bloodline that sold as pet, must be only loving companion NOT  for breeding!  Buyer agrees to incur a $1,000 penalty for each puppy found to be use this way.
  • There are no other guarantees/warranties given, expressed or written, other than those stated in the above contract. Any changes must be made on paper, and signed by both seller and buyer. Should any disputes arise with the Buyer/Seller that cannot be resolved between the parties either party may seek resolution through legal means. It is agreed by both parties, (buyer/seller) jurisdiction will be within the Clark county , State of Nevada 

if you have read, understand, and agree to the above terms and conditions. You are of legal age within the State I reside to not be considered a "Minor".


This is a problem commonly known in small breeds, but seen more often in Chihuahuas. It basically means that your puppy has low blood sugar and can happen easily if  they do not eat. This can be brought on by stress or even after a hard play time. Being weaned, going to a new owner, changing food, being scared or lonely in their new surroundings can trigger this condition.
Prevention is best, but if caught early enough, it can be reversed. If this condition is left untreated, it becomes life threatening.
All new owners need to be aware of the sign and take immediate action. Early signs are pale gums, listlessness, lethargy, refusal to eat, and staggering.If not treated immediately, it can progress to a more critical stage that includes the following, vomiting, diarrhea, seizures, unresponsiveness and even death.

  • My puppies do not have this problem, But I recommend that anyone obtaining a chihuahua puppy from me or anyone else, continue to feed the puppy the same food that it has been accustomed to eating. Changing the food can cause stress, which can lead to refusal to eat, that can lead to hypoglycemia.
I also recommend that you also buy a tube of Nutri-cal or Karo Syrup and always have this handy, especially if you are a owner of Chihuahuas. At the first sign that your puppy is not acting normal or hasn't eaten much, squeeze a bead, the size of a marble onto your finger and let the puppy lick it off or gently rub it off inside the roof of the puppy's mouth or inner cheek.  Continue this ritual every 2 hours until your puppy starts to act normal again. Having Nutri-cal readily available should snap your puppy right out of it in minutes I will also administer Nutri-cal to your puppy 24 hours before going to their new home. This is to prevent hypo-glycemia occurring on route to you. This is also known as "carb loading". If you have Nutri-cal on hand when puppy arrives, please give the puppy a dose and then every 2 hours until you see them eating normally. You will need to keep a close eye on your new puppy for at least a couple of weeks until they are settled in and comfortable with their new surroundings. Give them a small dose of Nutri-cal if you must leave them alone for a long time during the first few days before you leave and when you return. Remember that even tough you want to play with your new baby, they are just that- a baby! They need plenty of rest and eat very often. Playing too hard for too long can also bring on this condition. Again, in most cases, hypo-glycemia doesn't occur, but you need to be prepared to recognize the symptoms and know what to do when you see them. Prevention is key and having Nutri-cal on hand to give any time you think your little baby isn't getting enough to eat can prevent the condition from happening. Those who want to travel with their chihuahua will find this very handy to take along with them until the puppy becomes used to going to new places with you. It doesn't need to be refrigerated and has a long shelf-life. IF AT ANY TIME YOU NEED MORE INFO. ON THIS CONDITION, PLEASE DO NOT HESITATE TO ASK. YOU CAN CALL ME AT ANY TIME.