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Location Las Vegas: we have puppies in album "Available"
I will have puppies around October and Christmas.
Price of puppy  from my dogs start: for male: $2000.00-3000.00
female: $2000.00-4000.00
Friends puppies :$800.00-2500.00
all prices listed ONLY as pet ( no paper).
Limited AKC (not for show and breeding) extra $200-750.00
Full AKC not available for puppies younger then 6 months,because no guarantee on size and show quality before teeth changed.
@ We can deliver puppies to your closest airport with person (flying pet nanny) for extra $300.00-450.00  NO CARGO for my puppies !!  _____________________________________________________
Price for pet (no paper). Limited AKC (not for breeding and show) extra $200.00-350.00. Full AKC (for breeding and show) only for 6 months old puppy and older to proven home. There is no deposit taken before the puppies are born. No waiting list taken for puppies.ONLY if you agree with my price and pick up puppy from next available litter. 
 Sorry, but for this reason ,I will not share any information about the future litters, only for existing , all subscribers will receive my newsletter. Thank you for understanding. 
 NO GUARANTEE on puppy size as adult , I will only give you an estimate on puppy is 6-7 weeks. My puppies 2.5-5 lbs as adult, birth weight 1.6-3.8 oz. Sires 2.5-3.5 lbs.
Price for blue/chocolate puppies: $2500-4000 (pet only) depends on the size, color, coat and gender.
You are always welcome to pick up puppies from my home or I can meet you in Las Vegas @ the airport or we can make a delivery Via Pet Nanny for $300-450 (depending on location of your closest airport )
All puppies sold with a purchase agreement. Non-refundable deposit $400,Payment by cashier's or personal checks or postal money order has to be mailed with signed agreement by certify mail only .
Our vet Dr. Leslie Stewart @ Town center animal hospital , 702-262-1300